At Language First we want to equip our families with the skills and knowledge to be able help their children reach their communication potential, whether they attend our group sessions or receive private therapy through us.

We understand the importance of early intervention when it comes to addressing language needs in children that is why we aim to promote a relaxed community feel via this site and within our group sessions. We want parents to feel at ease discussing the potential language and communication needs of the children or any concerns around communication they may have.

We provide professional therapy in a variety of settings that focuses on equipping parents and carers with everyday strategies to help boost their child’s communication.

We operate in Surrey and currently cover the following areas but are willing to travel further afield:

  • Guildford
  • Woking
  • Godalming




WP_20130605_006I am a specialist Speech and Language Therapist with 9 years experience working with clients with Specific Learning  Difficulties. I graduated from the University of Reading after 4 years studying in this field.

I am passionate about the importance of stimulating children’s early language development and that is why the Babbling Babies and Chatty Tots classes were started. After the birth of my first son, I was able to see first hand how it was possible to nurture his communication ability and this has driven me to set up in private practice. There is a real need for parents and carers to become their child’s advocate in communication and this is our ultimate goal at Language First: to empower parents and families.  I believe that immersing a child in a language rich environment from the earliest of ages has a huge impact on their communication skills.


I am a specialist Speech and Language Therapist and have worked for seven years within a range of settings including clinics, mainstream schools and nurseries, children’s centres and a special school for boys with specific learning difficulties.

My work in Early Years settings highlighted the importance of early intervention and health promotion in developing children’s language. Language is the foundation for all learning and is vital to children’s holistic development. I have always been passionate about language development in the early years and having my own son has only made me more aware of this.

There are a vast array of simple activities and ideas which parents and carers can use at home to boost their child’s communication and sharing this information is one of the objectives of the Babbling Babies and Chatty Tots groups.


Professional Membership

Our therapist are members of the following professional bodies:

  • Health & Care Professionals Council
  • Royal College Of Speech & Language Therapists