Is It Ever Too Early?

The ethos behind Language First is that parents are the best facilitators of a child’s early communication and its never too early to start developing this area.

When in utero a baby can identify his Mother’s voice (BBC) and it is a good time to start narrating your daily activities to him (something that has been shown to be a major language booster later on)

Research has shown that the ear and auditory centre of the brain are developed by 23 weeks gestation and incredibly, a baby can discriminate between speech sounds and male vs female voices as early as 28 weeks gestation! As the ability to hear sounds develops whilst still in the womb, it would seem that baby is well and truly listening to you from inside!

Image of FunnyBones Book
Classic FunnyBones Book

We started reading to E (our firstborn) after our 20 week scan. You do feel a bit silly to begin with, and my husband took some persuading, but we soon made it part of our routine! We enjoyed reading ‘Funnybones’ (one of my childhood faves). Its a good idea to choose a book with a lot of repetition and rhyme. This book actually became a regular bedtime story for E (we knew those stories a little too well)

Also, as babies recognise the rhythm of music when in utero (ScienceMag) its a good idea to play some music to your bump. Newborns have even shown recognition of the theme tune from regularly watched TV shows!

It is clear that your baby has an innate desire to learn language that is present even before birth. We want to show you how to nurture this desire and lots of our future blog posts will give you fun and simple ideas to do this 🙂


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